SleepMuffs™ by Blisstil - Soundless sleep, everywhere

Created by Oliver Masson

A patented, Australian made & designed, sound-blocking neck pillow, ergonomically shaped to support your neck in bed, on a couch or while travelling.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

⚠️ If you received a payment notice for Duties please contact us via email ⚠️
7 days ago – Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 05:43:32 AM

Hey Blisstilers,

There have been a few backers that have been asked to pay for hefty duties and taxes. Please do not pay them for now.

There has been a mistake on the side of the logistics provider and we are trying to mitigate this with him.

If you have been affected by this please contact us as quickly as possible at 

Please include the following information in your email:

1. Name and surname.

2. Order number (should appear on the shipping confirmation email you have received).

3. Country of residence.

4. Cost of duties and taxes (a screenshot is fine).

We are extremely sorry for this, and wish for a swift resolution of this problem.

Thank you for your cooperation.

🚀 Most SleepMuffs have left the building 🚀
8 days ago – Tue, Nov 23, 2021 at 10:01:54 PM

Hey Blisstilers! 

This is a super quick update to give you some details on the fulfilment and how to wear your SleepMuffs .

We're quite excited to say to that a few backers have already received their SleepMuffs 🥳🥳.

For most of you the SleepMuffs are on their way, so don't worry if you haven't received it yet 😊. For a couple other backers their SleepMuffs are still at the warehouse, this because the courier didn't manage to pick all our orders up at once as there is approximately 6 pallets of SleepMuffs to deliver worldwide 🌍🌏🌎!

We had a look at the fulfilment and there are certain backers that still haven't received an email with a tracking number. This is because the logistics provider has not packed all of the SleepMuffs yet. 

We're not sure as of why as he told us that he would do it all at once, but this clearly isn't the case. We're on his tail trying to get an answer for your guys, we'll let you know as soon as we know! But don't worry, you will be receiving your SleepMuffs 😊.

In the meantime here's a short video explaining how to slip your SleepMuffs on. Hope you enjoy it 📹!

Till next time!! Love you all!🚀🚀

PS: Did you know Blisstil is the combination of bliss and and stillness? It's a word created by Alice and Oliver to communicate the pure bliss that is found in stillness.

🚛 4 Day Delay in Start of Deliveries ⏱
19 days ago – Fri, Nov 12, 2021 at 08:52:16 PM

Hey Blisstilers,

I hope all of you are well and gearing up for the weekend ahead 🥳! 

This is just quick update to let you know that there's been a very slight delay in the delivery of the SleepMuffs to the warehouse. 

We were told that the truck carrying the SleepMuffs from our supplier to the warehouse could not complete its round because it was dangerously heavy and had to stop at the depot to reconfigure its load.

This has pushed the start of the deliveries to Tuesday 16th of November, 4 days from now.

You should receive a confirmation email and tracking number either on the Tuesday 16th or Wednesday 17th of November.

I apologise for this delay and really hope you understand.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, I'm here to help 😊.

Till next time!! Love you all!🚀🚀

PS: Did you know Blisstil is the combination of bliss and and stillness? It's a word created by Alice and Oliver to communicate the pure bliss that is found in stillness.

📦 Boxes are piling up - almost ready to go!! 🚀
about 1 month ago – Mon, Oct 25, 2021 at 12:41:48 AM

Hey Blisstilers! 

W e    a r e    e c s t a t i c ! ! 🕺 💃

But more importantly we hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying life! I know a lot of Aussie's are finally enjoying their freedom 🥳🥳, congrats on the amazing efforts so far. 

For this update we've got some fantastic news 🤩.

The Essential Info

  •  Your SleepMuffs are almost ready 🎉: Our manufacturers have been working hard to finish up our order. We've confirmed with them that all your SleepMuffs will be arriving at our warehouse in Sydney (Australia) on the 11th of November and will all be dispatched on the same day or the following day. 
  •  Logistics partner is up to date ✅ on all our systems and vice versa. This means he'll be ready to pounce 🐈 once he gets the stock - he told us he can pack 8,000 orders a day 😳, so clearly he know what he's doing. 
  •  Delivery times are as follows ✈️:
  •  Duties and Taxes 🛃: as promised we've done the absolute maximum for you guys to incur zero extra costs after receiving your SleepMuffs. There's nothing worse than getting bitten by unplanned fees and we understand that, which is why we've taken care of them for you. 😇
  •  Our first blog article has been written 📝: spoiler alert, it's f****** great 🤓 and 100% worth your time. We'll be sending it out as soon as we've set everything up on our website. The title of the article is "Sleeping Techniques: How to Fall Asleep Faster and Stay Asleep Longer" 🤯. 

In other business news

  •  We were successful at securing the grant 😎. It's quite something to get your start-up recognised as having great potential from your own government 😊. We're really grateful for it and look forward to putting it to good use 🥇.
  •  We're still talking to the hospital 🏥 in relation to their noise reduction program in the general wards. They'll be running some tests once they receive their SleepMuffs. If it suits their needs we'll set up a contract so they can get the quantity they'd like. If it doesn't suit their needs, they've asked to work with us to develop a bespoke product 🥳. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me 😁.
  •  We've been doing a lot of blue sky thinking lately, trying to plan our next moves ♟️, our next innovation 🎧 and how we're going to go from a Kickstarter project to a full scale business capable of sustaining itself. We stopped and thought about our journey up til now an realised how lucky we were, lucky to have had successful Kickstarter campaign, lucky to be supported by such a great community and have moral support from friends, family and backers we need. It's been and adventure, to say the least, to get to where we are today. A massive part it is thanks to all of you. Without your trust and patience we could have never made this far. SleepMuffs exists thanks to you, Blisstil exists thanks to you, and us? We're eternally grateful for giving us a shot at our dream ❤️. We just hope that the SleepMuffs will live up to your expectations 🤗, they certainly do for us 😊.

We wish you all a great weekend and a happy Halloween for next week! 😘

No detail section for this update  😊.

Till next time!! Love you all!🚀🚀

PS: Did you know Blisstil is the combination of bliss and and stillness? It's a word created by Alice and Oliver to communicate the pure bliss that is found in stillness.

🏡 It's time to update your address 🏡
2 months ago – Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 04:55:15 AM

Hey Blisstilers,

I hope you've been enjoying the last of the warm weather up in the northern hemisphere! 

For all of you in lockdown, we feel your frustration, luckily easier days are ahead 😊.

For this update, we only have good news!! 

 The Essential Info

  •  🚚 Delivery is on track for November 🚀: the manufacturers have told us that they haven't encountered any issues so far 🤞. The SleepMuffs should be ready to send to our logistics partner in the second half of October. Depending how quickly they can pick, pack and post, your SleepMuffs should be shipped out end of October to the beginning of November 🌎🌏🌍. Transit time should be between 7 to 21 days depending on where you live; you will receive more details once your SleepMuffs are on their way!
  • 📦 Branded shipping boxes have been ordered 🚛: they should be ready at the warehouse in 2-3 weeks
  •  🖥 New website is up and running 📱: we've spent quite a bit of time developing the website over the past few weeks and would love your feedback! If you have a second don't hesitate to take a look and tell us what you think, good or bad 😊:
  •  🤓 Starting a blog 📝 : we'll soon to be starting a blog where we'll be writing about tips & tricks on how to achieve better sleep. We'd love to have to your input on the subjects that can be covered. If you have 2 minutes please take a look at this 2 question survey and fill in what you can - LINK TO SURVEY. Any help is much appreciated.

If you have any issues getting access to your account or have any questions let us know, we're here to help 😊.

In other business news 

  • We had a small legal issue ⚖️ with a brand squatter: a company tried to trademark our brand in a country where we weren't registered, luckily our lawyers caught it early and are now opposing its registration 🥊 #dontmesswithblisstil 💪.
  • We got an email 📥 from a very big hospital outside of Australia interested in having SleepMuffs as part of a noise reduction project in their general wards 🤫. The aim of the project is to help their patients get much needed restorative sleep 😴  by reducing the ambient noise. We're pretty excited about this one as it opens an opportunity to help people in need and could set an interesting precedent, so let's hope things work out! 🤞
  • We got through the first hurdle of the 🌺 NSW Government Grant, they are now evaluating our project. Let's hope we're successful on this one 🤞!
  • We've officially partnered, again, with Carbon Neutral but this time with their 🌳 Plant-A-Tree Program 🌳. Future customers will have the opportunity to help plant a tree for the price of a coffee 🤯!

No detail section for this update 😊.

Till next time!! Love you all!🚀🚀

PS: Did you know Blisstil is the combination of bliss and and stillness? It's a word created by Alice and Oliver to communicate the pure bliss that is found in stillness.